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Winter Solstice Meditation


The Winter Solstice is a special time of year. It happens usually on either December 21st or 22nd of the year, depending which time zone you are in. Allow yourself to surrender and open yourself up to a beautifully healing meditation session. Today, or tonight for some of you, give yourself permission to feel complete calm. Relax your shoulders, find your breath, close your eyes. Well I guess you need to have your eyes open to read this, but nonetheless, take this time to yourself as it’s a special night. It’s the perfect night to be outside, under the beautiful moonlight. And be it a full moon, make sure to gather your crystals so they can enjoy the moon as well and recharge.

At this time of the winter solstice, as we recognize the transition to a new season and prepare for the return of increasing light in the physical world, let’s take this moment en envision light, love and happiness entering our own being and every being and place on this planet.

Now let’s take some time to relax and decompress during this meditation. Place yourself in a comfortable position or lay down, whatever puts you more at peace.

Winter Solstice Meditation: Surrendering to the Darkness and Returning to Your Light


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