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Harness the Full Moon Power with Vedic Astrology


The full moon on Jan 28th 2021 is a special one! According to Vedic astrology, it is the day of Paush Poornima (full moon in the month of Paush).

Let’s see how to utilize some of the magical yoga or planetary combinations forming during this day –

How to Source the Full Moon Energy

Gurupushya Yoga
  • On this day, an invigorating moon powered by the sign of cancer resides in the nourishing lunar mansion of Pushya.
  • Besides, it is a Thursday. According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter, the lord of wisdom, health, and progeny presides over Thursdays.
  • Therefore, 28th Jan is blessed with sublime energy of the moon, the restorative effect of Pushya, and the wisdom of Jupiter.

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1.   Go for Your Mission Impossible

This is the time to make important decisions, start a new project, or even buy a lottery ticket! Luck is on your side. This is your day to embark on a “mission impossible” and you will be blessed with success, fame, and prosperity.

2.   Learn Something

Jupiter, the source of wisdom combines with the lord of diligence – Saturn in Pushya lunar mansion. Hard work guided by wisdom is a great recipe for success. This is the time to put efforts into all kinds of intellectual pursuits. Join an educational course or upgrade your skills; anything learned during this period will multiply manifold in terms of respect, success and wealth!

3.   Plan a Child Prodigy

Moon signifies motherhood and Jupiter stands for progeny. A full moon on the day of Jupiter, placed in a vitalizing pushya lunar mansion is an ideal period to plan a baby. But, ancient scriptures advise to maintain celibacy during a full moon day. So, how to plan a baby?

According to the Vedic tradition, planning a human baby starts with inviting a noble soul through prayers! That’s why 28th of January is the day to offer prayers for good progeny. Also, fasting may help to absorb the planetary grace and amplify the yogic effect!

Sarvarth Siddhi Yoga
4.   Buy Something

Another magical yoga on this day is Sarvarth Siddhi Yoga. The name “sarvarth siddhi” signifies the fructification of all aspirations. Feel free to make major financial decisions on this day, irrespective of your sign and planetary combination. Anything you do or buy will bring exponential benefits to you.

Priti Yoga
5.   Make Friends or Date Someone

The Sanskrit word “priti” means affection. Another important planetary combination on this day is Priti Yoga. On this day, your speech will be powered by wisdom of Jupiter, and the zing of moon. So, make new friends, resolve old conflicts with friends or relatives; or date someone. You will touch and melt hearts!


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