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Music is such a universal form of comfort and happiness, no matter the generation! I’ve heard that the music you listen to when you’re 15 is the best music you’ll ever hear. Maybe that’s because of the stressful times of adolescence, but whatever the reason, we can all agree music makes life more worth living.

And luckily for us, in our day and age with music streaming software we can listen to any music we want! It’s a beautiful thing for sure! I wanted to share some music with you all that makes me feel good. And I welcome you to share your favorite music as well! I can say that 15 year old me really liked Korn and Marilyn Manson, and ya know what? I still do! I think having that teen angst music really molded me into the celestial, motherly person I am today. And hell yeah I’ll still blast some Disturbed during lunch at the office! Music is such an emotional, memory invoking, environment changing phenomenon.

Spotify Playlist: Mood Booster

YouTube: Rain Sounds by the beloved Jason Stephenon

Perosnal Spotify Playlist: Rock 2.0


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