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4 Ways In Which Green Witches Can Celebrate Earth Day

Green Witch Earth Day

If you are a green witch or any kind of practitioner and you want to celebrate the planet on its day, here are some ideas for you to do so in a magical way. Remember that this is a day for gratitude, not requests, although if you do find something you want to keep and the Earth gives you permission to, feel free to take it!

1.  Make a Compostable Spell Jar

You are probably used to making spell jars with glass containers. The thing about glass, however, is that it’s not compostable. A suitable alternative that you most likely have at home is toilet paper roll. Bend it slightly so it loses its round shape, and then bend one of the ends completely. You will have a container with a small opening for you to place anything you’d like in it. Remember to only use materials that don’t damage the Earth – herbs and spices, crystals, food, hair or fur, egg shells, and paper are all good options. You can make a gratitude spell jar with dried rose petals, cinnamon, honey, a small piece of Aventurine, and paper money (as long as the currency you use doesn’t contain any plastic). Once you’re done placing your ingredients inside the roll, bend the opening that is left. You can draw sigils, runes or simply write a thank-you note to Mother Earth. Now, bury it in a garden or park, and remember to say thanks once you are done. You can leave an offering of fresh flowers at the top.

2.  Return Your Broken Crystals to the Earth

When you return your broken crystals to the Earth, you’re honoring the work they did for you and giving them a peaceful and respectful rest. It is also a powerful practice because it teaches you about letting go and closing cycles. In addition, burying your crystals will attract abundance into your life, as you’re making space in your altar for new things to come. Earth Day is a great time for giving thanks to the natural tools that help you in your practice – the noble Tourmalines that keep you protected, the special Amethyst your cat knocked off the table, the Angelite you ruined with water – by burying them.

3.  Clean Up the Natural Space Around You

A very straightforward way of giving thanks to the Earth is to clean up the trash you see around you. Put on a pair of rubber gloves, prepare a big trash bag and pick up the trash around the stream near your house or your local park. Clutter impedes the energy from flowing freely and harmoniously in nature. If you work with nature or nature spirits, looking after your space is an important step in order to keep the energy they give you flowing. Earth Day is the perfect time to clean up, as it is an action that clearly communicates your sense of gratitude to Mother Earth. You can finish your cleaning session by leaving an offering for the Earth, fresh flowers, for example, or food that will decompose or be eaten by animals.

4.  Meditate in Nature

This idea is perfect if you don’t have much time to celebrate, but still want to do something special to honor the Earth on this day. Using a small gardening shovel, draw a circle for protection on the dirt or sand. Then, sit down and meditate for at least ten minutes. Focus on embodying an energy of love and thanks. The Earth will absorb any negativity present in your aura and provide you with energy and strength. It is also ideal if you work with any earthbound or seabound deities, as they will have easy access to you. Once you are done, leave a small offering to thank the Earth for this moment.

For all sorts of practitioners and for green witches in particular, every day should be Earth Day. However, it is perfectly acceptable to use this date as a reminder to practice gratitude towards Mother Earth. Whether you make a compostable Gratitude Spell Jar, return your broken crystals to the Earth, clean up, or simply meditate, your practice will see nothing but good things from you giving thanks to the Earth. Which idea excites you the most? Tell us in the comments!






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