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4 Creative Outlets For Anxiety


Having a creative outlet is key to helping cope with anxiety. There’s nothing worse than having a very anxious week and not be able to make time to do something you love. Creativity is a part of self-care, and it’s important to recognize when you need to make time for yourself. There are many types of creative activities you can incorporate into your everyday life, in the morning, afternoon, or even after work.

Activities such as writing and journaling are a great way to express your feelings while also being creative. Sit down in a safe, comfy space, bust out those gel pens and get writing! Try to set a certain time to journal where you aren’t distracted and maybe put on some calming music in the background.

Painting and crafts are another great escape from an anxious day. Doing something like pottery or scrapbooking is a wonderful way to release stress and work with your hands.

1. Get Crafty!

Pull out your paint brushes, your scrapbook paper, your Elmers glue and create something! I remember as a teenager when I was depressed I would lock myself in my room, get a bunch of magazine cutouts and glue them onto a science fair board while blasting rock music. It was a great release and really helped me cope with things in my life I couldn’t control. Here are some of my favorite crafting activities:

  • Vision Boards – https://cleverfoxplanner.com/blogs/fox-den/how-to-make-a-vision-board-that-really-works-guide-vision-board-ideas
    Araceli Chan DIY has a great video on how to set up a Vision Board. She easily explains everything and I love her meaning and thought behind each piece on her board.
  • Scrabble pendant artwork
  • Paper crafts
  • Jewelry crafts

2. Gardening

There’s nothing like being outdoors getting your hands dirty breathing in fresh air!

3. Knitting

Therapeutic Knitting to Manage Stress, Depression and Chronic Pain

For more ideas on how you can let your creative run wild, please read this wonderful article from Coffee with Summer. 


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